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Experience Premium Dentistry at an Affordable Price

That’s our vision and that’s how we like to thrive.

ImplanTree International Hospitals is a chain of Best Dental Clinics in India located at the heart of Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Madurai and Cochin cities. It was co-founded by Prof.Dr.Johnson Raja James, internationally acclaimed dental implant surgeon and consultant, Dr.Sreelekshmi midhun, a certified digital smile analyst & designer and Dr.G.Priya Johnson, a renowned Conservative dentist and Endodontist. A team of select best dentists from across the state now leads the dental centers effectively.

Our vision of being a provider of premium dental treatment at an affordable cost was realized when ImplanTree International was adjudged as the Best Dental Implant Center in Chennai in 2019.

The ImplanTree Dental Hospital is a fine combination of distinguished healthcare providers and  international-standard approved infrastructure that offers advanced smile makeover, cosmetic dentistry, and painless orthodontic, periodontics and endodontic treatments, including Dental Implants, Computer-Aided Smile Design and Correction, Micro-dentistry-based Root Canal Treatment, Teeth Whitening, Facial Aesthetics, and Oral Maxillofacial Treatments.

As of now, our health care providers have created over 500+ smiles across India, Bangladesh, and UAE.

We are a Combination of Precision, Compassion, and Commitment

  • Comprehensive Oral Care: We offer 15+ oral care and hygiene treatments powered by state-of-the-art technology, best dental labs, and scan centers.
  • Products from Leading Global Brands: To ensure advanced oral care, ImplanTree is equipped with treatment tools and products delivered by leading global brands from Israel, USA, and Korea.
  • Personalized Consultation: Our dental treatments are digitally planned and discussed by our Managing Director and Head Consultant, Dr. Johnson Raja James.
  • Discover Treatment Options: Extracting a tooth is not the only option for smile makeover and face uplift. We help clients discover more than 10 possible options to get their dream smile.

implantree india - best dental clinics near me

  • 5 to 25 Years of Warranty: Depending upon the treatment plan the patients choose, they will benefit from a warranty for a forever, glorious smile.
  • Elite Client Relationship Management: We ensure that our patients, traveling from other countries, are comfortable and provided with supreme facilities and quick resolutions for safe and précised dental journey. We are at our patients’ disposal 24/7 through most popular digital mediums.
  • Periodic Master Dental Camps: To serve the community in good faith, we organize annual master dental camps to ensure everyone’s oral health stays at their best.

Interactive Live-Training Workshops in Association with India’s Best Dental Care Providers

ImplanTree International Dental Care helps aspiring dentists and health care providers achieve their professional goals through all-comprising, live training on latest dental treatment inventions, including but not limited to Basic and Basal Implant Bridge Program, Zygoma, Pterygoid, and Nasal Dental Implants Workshop, TRUE TILT Advanced Implant Workshop, Laser Dentistry, Facial Aesthetics and Cosmetology, Periodontal Therapy, and Complete FMR Prosthetic Solutions.

About Us

ImplanTree is a chain of best implant dental clinics in India, Dubai and Maldives that is powered by distinguished healthcare providers, international-standard approved infrastructure, and all-inclusive amenities to treat and manage oral health. We provide 15+ oral treatments catering to different age groups and health problems. We also offer periodic master dental healthcare camps to ensure that you have a forever-glorious smile.

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