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Welcome to Implantree International Dental Hospital Pvt Ltd, a new experience that redefines Dentistry; that provides international standard dental care right in your neighbourhood. ImplanTree takes pride in presenting to you an internationally certified, best implant clinic in Chennai, India with a state-of-the-art smile design studio that not only ensures oral health but also adds glow to your smile.

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Implant Centre & Advanced Zygoma Clinic

Zygoma implants are appropriate for any person with missing or shaky teeth in their upper jaw, insufficient bone in the upper jaw to sustain regular implants

Why ImplantTree is Unprecedentedly The Best Implant Center

ImplanTree is a select few dental implant hospitals in Chennai that offer Zygomatic and Pterygoid dental implants surgeries using advanced methods for implant placement, such as ‘A Single Day Procedure’. We get our wide range of dental equipment and products from leading global providers. We are also one of the two best implant clinics in India that provides Live-Zygomatic Surgery & Pterygoid Implant Workshops for aspirers across India and abroad.


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We consider it an honor to have you as our esteemed patient. Our office strives to provide you with excellent dental care and individualized service. We do not take it lightly that though you have many dental offices to avail treatments, you have chosen us. My team and I will do everything we can to continue to warrant that trust. Please know that we are available to you for any questions, comments, concerns you may have.

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Prof.Dr Johnson Raja James MDS
Managing Director

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Great staff!! They do a terrific job and are very efficient. The work they have done for me has been top rate.

Kailesh | Chennai

My treatment completed I'm delighted to recommend Dr Johnson Raja as one of the best dentist in chennai, confidently leading his calm, assured team of professionals.

Sathish Raj | Chennai

This was my first time at the Implantree Dental Clinic. I love the work and the people there. The staff really helped with my nerves. Thank you so much.

Brinda Babu | Chennai

I had my first fillings in many years. All went well! These people are gentle and kind. I would recommend Implantree to anyone.

Rajesh Malhotra | Chennai

“Implantree international dental clinic is one of the best hospitals at Chennai. Here I felt the…”


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ImplanTree is a chain of best implant dental clinics in India, Dubai and Maldives that is powered by distinguished healthcare providers, international-standard approved infrastructure, and all-inclusive amenities to treat and manage oral health. We provide 15+ oral treatments catering to different age groups and health problems. We also offer periodic master dental healthcare camps to ensure that you have a forever-glorious smile.

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