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Why Implantree is the Best place to do Zygomatic Implants ?

Being without teeth for long or some cases of periodontal disease results in extreme bone loss in upper jaw which cannot be solved by conventional implants . The ultimate choice of Fixed teeth for such patients in a “Graftless Approach “ is Zygomatic implants. Where conventional implants are place in the Jaw bone., Zygomatic implants are anchored in the Zygomatic ( Cheek ) bone . The Oral Health Quality of Life index (OHQOL) is vastly improved when immediate prostheses are used, and patients prefer this approach when given the option

We at Implantree International Dental Care have a well equipped Stainless Steel Operatory for a totally sterile procedure and our Senior Implant Consultant , Prof Dr Johnson raja James is a mentor for Zygomatic Implants and has trained many surgeons on the Extra Maxillary approach in Zygoma Implants

Zygoma Implants : A Day Care Procedure ?

The joyful part to the patients at Implantree is , with the Novel Extramaxillary terchnique , The procedure can be done under Local Anesthesia itself – No need of hospitalizationor GA , and the patient will walk out with fixed teeth ( Due to prior prosthetic planning ) .

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